Blessed To Be a Blessing

Here’s a sample of some of the ways we’ve come along side CC Roma’s expanding ministry over the past four years.

loaves and fish mosaic

Mike put in a kitchen while I put in the Loaves and Fish mosaic in the worship center in 2010.

jens186Festa Prep

In 2011 we put on a VBS at a beach in Tuscany,  while our Pastor taught the adults at the Calvary Pastor’s Retreat.


After the retreat, we returned to Rome to put in storage closets and clean up the their facility.

Bella Roma VBS 146CC Rome 2012 022

In 2012 we put on a VBS for CC Roma’s Retreat at the Calvary Conference Center in Austria. After the rest of our team went home, Mike and I stayed a couple more weeks to help set up the new children’s center. It just so happened, that after praying for a couple years for adequate children’s ministry space, CC Roma received the keys to the space next-door, the day after the rest of our team went home!  This effectively doubled the square footage of CC Roma and we’re still praising the Lord for allowing us to see the fruit of our prayers first hand! Among other things, we stripped wall paper, put in storage closets and I painted a graffiti mural in the new space (according to the popular vote of the CC Roma Kids).

207984_3616034287398_1101235597_nRome 2012 071

In 2013 we helped plan and put on a big block party called “Festa Autuno”, where we ministered to around 200 neighborhood kids and adults in Tor Bella Monaca. There were three bands, carnival booths, barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, and the main event – a drama featuring the scarlet thread of redemption from Genesis to Revelation, followed by Pastor Vincenzo sharing the gospel.

 DSCN6461_zps6feb9129IMG_0171_zps37b872532013 Italy 1862013 Italy 137

Mike also moved a wall to expand the worship center in order to accommodate their growing numbers. Then we all got busy painting. We concluded our stay by putting on a VBS at CC Rome’s Fall Retreat at a beautiful villa near Sutri about an hour north of Rome.

DSCN6409_zpse85ce9e32013 Italy retreat 281

I think that one of the most effective roles we’ve played in helping to build up and encourage CC Rome, has been our commitment to hold them up in prayer together as a couple as well as with our Reach Italy team of 5 – 8 prayer warriors who come over for what we like to call “Prayer and Pasta”. I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing it’s been to lift up the needs of our brothers and sisters in Rome and then watch God answer in miraculous ways, as He strengthens and equips His church! “Thank you, Jesus!”

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