We Have an Address in Rome!

We made it to Rome on Wednesday, looked at an apartment on Thursday, prayed about it overnight, then put a deposit down on Friday. They let us paint it in exchange for most of the rent in March and April. It’s an old building and it needs some elbow grease, but it has a lot of potential with great big windows and 12 ft ceilings. It’s only about 4 blocks from the church and just half a block from the bus line.

We’ve been really busy ever since we arrived, but that has helped us with our jet lag (no time to fall asleep). We started a free Italian class at the library on Friday, went to church on Wednesday and Sunday and painted all day Saturday and today. In my wildest imaginings, I never thought I’d ever be fixing up an old apartment in Rome! I love walking with Christ!

Tor Bella Monaca!

Mike and I feel very blessed to wake up to sunshine and blue skies in Tor Bella Monaca after months of waiting!

Yesterday we started our apartment search and surprisingly enough; we both liked the first one we saw! It’s in a convenient location (for a good price) near the church. It’s a rare find and we still feel good about it after praying, so we’re meeting with the landlord again today to go over details. We’re praying that God holds this door wide open for us if this one is His plan for us and that He’ll close this door if it’s not the right one.

Please pray with us for God’s grace to abound and His will to be done in all the details of our transition to life in this new country!


Rome 2015!

A friend told me that flying standby is sort of like hitchhiking in the sky… You never know where you’ll end up. Life is like that. “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” ~ Proverbs 16:9

So, what better way to fly than to simply put our trust in the Lord, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. After all, the journey may be just as important as the destination!

Please pray for travel mercies as we take off for Rome next week. (God willing!) Where ever He takes us… however long it takes… we know He’s in control… we know we’re in good hands!

Nevertheless, His word says, “You have not, because you ask not.” So we’re asking Him to provide a couple open seats all the way to Rome!

Thank you for praying with us!